Questions To Consider For Cracking a Great Car Rental Deal in the UAE

car with driver in dubai

By asking the appropriate questions, you may prevent unexpected charges and make educated decisions. This blog post will discuss five crucial questions to consider when renting a car in the UAE. Additionally, we will highlight the benefits of GCC Drive, a reputable Car rental company in the region.

1. What’s the Total Cost of the Rental?

When comparing rental pricing, it’s critical to ask about the whole cost, which includes extra costs like taxes and fees. Many rental car quotes initially appear affordable but may exclude these extra charges. For example, renting from an airport location often incurs additional fees passed on by the airport authorities. To accurately compare costs between rental companies, ask for a comprehensive quote that includes all charges upfront. This will help you avoid surprises when you receive your bill. Additionally, inquire about the pricing of protection options, convenience features, and safety equipment.

GCC Drive: GCC Drive is committed to transparency and provides customers with clear and all-inclusive rental quotes, ensuring no hidden costs or surprises.

2. Does the Car Have to be Returned with a Full Tank of Gas?

Most car rental companies operate on a “full to full” policy, meaning you receive the vehicle with a full tank and are expected to return it the same way. If you fail to return the Car with a full tank, the rental company will fill it for you and charge a significantly higher price per gallon than the prevailing rates. To avoid this, ask the rental agent for the nearest gas station to your drop-off location. Make a note to refuel the car before returning it. Some rental companies may offer a pre-paid fuel option, which can be cost-effective if you plan to use a full tank during your rental period.

GCC Drive: GCC Drive follows a “full to full” policy, ensuring fairness and transparency in fuel charges. They will provide information about nearby gas stations and remind you to refuel the vehicle before returning it.

3. Is there a Daily Mileage Limit?

While multiple-day or weekly rentals often come with unlimited mileage, some rental companies and daily rates may limit your driving miles. You may be subject to additional fees per mile if you exceed the mileage limit. Clarify with your rental agent whether your rental car has any mileage restrictions. If there is a limit, consider upgrading to an unlimited mileage option. Additionally, inquire about geographic restrictions to ensure you stay within the agreed boundaries.

GCC Drive: GCC Drive offers unlimited mileage for most of its rental vehicles, allowing you to explore the UAE without worrying about additional charges. They provide flexibility and convenience to their customers.

4. What is the Return Process?

Understanding the return process is crucial to avoid unnecessary fees or complications when returning your rental Car. Most rental cars follow a straightforward return procedure. However, it is critical to inquire about any additional stages or special requirements. Some smaller rental facilities, for example, may ask you to park the car in a designated spot and enter the building to finish the check-out process. In cases where there is no attendant on duty, you may need to drop the keys in a designated drop box. Additionally, confirm the rental return time and inquire about any grace period for late arrivals, as returning the Car late may result in extra charges.

GCC Drive: GCC Drive ensures a smooth and efficient return process. Their experienced staff will walk you through the steps, perform a brief car inspection, and issue you a receipt, allowing you to go with no difficulties.


Renting a car in the UAE can be a fantastic way to explore the country’s beauty and attractions. By asking the right questions and understanding the terms of your rental agreement, you can secure a great Car rental deal and avoid any surprises or additional costs. With its commitment to transparency, exceptional customer service, and flexible rental options, GCC Drive stands as an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable Car rental experience in the UAE. Remember, knowledge is key when renting a car, so take the time to inquire and clarify any doubts before embarking on your journey.