The most scenic drives in Dubai & Car Rental Options

car rental in Dubai

Due to its breathtaking buildings, upscale shopping, and dynamic culture, millions of visitors are attracted to Dubai. Having a convenient and reliable mode of transportation is essential when exploring the vibrant Dubai city tour. One of the best ways to elevate your experience while visiting this enhancing city is by opting for a luxury car rental in Dubai. In this blog article, we’ll provide information about scenic drives in Dubai and car rental options that will help you make the most of your driving adventure.

The Most Scenic Drives In Dubai

You can now rent a luxury car and drive through the stunning roads for those chasing the thrill of adventure. Rent an exotic car and experience the most scenic Dubai city tour.

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

The longest road in the UAE, also known as the E11 Road, is the Sheikh Zayed Road. Al-Silah Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah region are the start and end of this road. It runs parallel to the coastline of the Emirates. You are greeted by the popular buildings in the city when you drive through the main stretch of this iconic road.

Meydan Bridge

The Meydan Bridge connects the Meydan Hotel to the main road and is considered an architectural masterpiece. It is a perfect spot for exotic car photography, and the road structure has a unique design and lighting at night. Say, for instance, you are searching for a location after renting a supercar for a photo shoot; the right place to go is Mayden Beach.

Palm Jumeirah Road

The Palm Jumeirah Road is at the top of the list regarding artificial engineering marvels. Plenty of exquisite hotels and tourist attractions, like the Atlantis resorts, the view at the Palm, etc., are there on the beautiful island of this main road. You can easily opt for a luxury car rental in Dubai and explore famous spots on the island rather than taking the tram or a taxi.

Khor Fakkan Road

One of the best convertible rides you can ever get in the UAE is on Khor Fakkan Road. It epitomizes amazing scenery and incredible landscapes with an 89-kilometer-long road. Through the Hajar Mountains, it is about 45 minutes between Sharjah and Khor Fakkan Road. You enjoy beautiful sights and a cool breeze at an allowed speed of about 1200 km/h.

Car Rental Options In Dubai For A Scenic Drive

Every year, a million visitors visit Dubai as a hub of attractions and a global business destination.  There is great demand for rental cars, and the number of car rental companies is increasing annually in Dubai because of the large number of tourists, expats, and businesspeople. The top rental companies below will provide convenient and flexible Car Rental Dubai services.

Gcc Drive

Nothing beats the experience of renting a car with a professional driver in Dubai from GCC Drive when it comes to luxury travel and convenience. Having a chauffeur at your service ensures a seamless and comfortable journey, whether you’re visiting the city for business or pleasure. Gcc Drive is the leading chauffeur service company in Dubai, which has a seamless intercity level and unmatched convenience of renting a car with a driver, etc.


E-Zhire is a Car Rental Dubai Company that is app-based, where all its users rely on mobile devices for their increasing daily needs and activities. It has gained traction in the UAE. With no security deposit, Ezire Car Rental offers daily, weekly, and monthly car rentals in Dubai. Ezire provides rental car delivery at your doorstep with a smooth, convenient, and hassle-free rental car process. It operates all over the UAE, as well as in Pakistan, Oman, and Bahrain.

Diamond Lease

Since 1996, Diamond Lease has been working in Dubai. Its car fleet is over 7,000, and it is ISO 9001 certified. Diamond Lease offers small to medium-sized saloon cars and mid-sized and full-sized SUV cars for rent. With cars on rent, it also provides taxis and pick-up buses at good rates.

Europcar Rental

Europcar Rental provides a friendly and efficient service. With an enviable track record since 1976 and its international leasing and vehicle hire services, Europcar serves clients all over Dubai and the Northern Emirates.  More than 14 branches are operated by Europcar Dubai.


Choose a car rental company when hiring a luxury car in Dubai that is trustworthy and offers dependable service with a large selection of automobiles and policies. Choose GCC Drive and get exclusive car rental services at an affordable price. Call now at +971 58 625 1219 to book and avail of the services of GCC Drive.