Top Car Hire Services with Drivers in Dubai: A Comparison

rent a car with driver in dubai

Dubai, with its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and luxurious lifestyle, is a city that attracts millions of visitors every year. Exploring this cosmopolitan hub is more convenient and enjoyable when you hire a car with a driver. Whether you’re a tourist seeking to experience the city or a resident in need of reliable transportation, car hire services with drivers in Dubai provide a convenient and pleasant method to get around. In this post, we will examine some of Dubai’s best automobile rental firms that provide drivers with outstanding car rental services.

GCC Drive

GCC Drive is Dubai’s number 1 car rental company. It is known for its exceptional customer service and availability of a wide range of luxurious vehicles. GCC Drive has a team of professional drivers, and they offer services like chauffeur driven cars for different purposes. Gcc Drive’s drivers are highly trained, punctual, and well versed in Dubai, and they ensure a smooth and safe drive to the destination. Moreover, GCC Drive provides 24/7 customer support and competitive prices, making them a popular choice among locals and tourists.

Dubai Exotic Limo

Dubai Exotic Limo offers an extensive fleet of high-end vehicles with professional drivers for those seeking luxury and style. Whether you’re attending a glamorous event or want to experience comfort and elegance, their limousine services are perfect. The drivers at Dubai Exotic Limo are experienced and discreet and provide exceptional customer service. They prioritize punctuality and ensure that you reach your destination promptly while enjoying the plush interiors of their luxurious cars.

Belhasa Car Rental

Belhasa Car Rental is a reputable car hire service provider in Dubai that offers a range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and vans, with well-trained drivers. Whether you need transportation for a family outing or a business meeting, Belhasa Car Rental has a solution for every requirement. Their drivers know Dubai’s famous landmarks and can provide valuable insights during your journey. Belhasa Car Rental also offers flexible rental options, ensuring convenience for both short and long-term hires.

Fast Rent-A-Car

Fast Rent A Car is a trusted name in the car rental industry in Dubai, known for its reliability and competitive prices. They offer a range of vehicles equipped with professional drivers committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience. Fast Rent, A Car’s drivers are familiar with Dubai’s traffic patterns, enabling them to navigate the city efficiently. Additionally, their customer support is available round the clock, ensuring assistance whenever required.

Platinum Luxury Cars

Platinum Luxury cars is the ideal choice for a vehicle rental service with drivers that specialise in luxury and sports automobiles. The drivers at Platinum Luxury Cars are skilled in driving these exceptional vehicles and ensure a memorable and exhilarating experience for their clients. With their impeccable service and attention to detail, Platinum Luxury Cars provides an extraordinary way to explore Dubai in style.


Regarding car hire services with drivers in Dubai, the city offers many options catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience, a family-friendly opportunity, or reliable transportation for business, a car rental company in Dubai can meet your requirements. From GCC Drive’s exceptional customer service to Platinum Luxury Cars’ fleet of exotic vehicles, these top car rental companies provide reliable drivers and well-maintained vehicles, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey through the mesmerizing streets of Dubai. So, the next time you visit Dubai, consider hiring a car with a driver to make the most of your time in this dynamic city.