Your Guide to Cars with Different Boot Spaces for City Tours in Dubai

City Tours in Dubai

When arranging a city tours in Dubai, it is critical to select a vehicle that can hold your luggage and delivers a comfortable ride. The size of the car’s boot capacity is critical in delivering a stress-free travel experience. In this guide, we’ll explore various car options available in Dubai, focusing on their boot space capacities. Whether you’re looking for a compact vehicle or a spacious SUV, this guide will help you make an informed decision for your city trip in Dubai.

Compact Cars

Compact cars are an excellent choice for navigating through the bustling streets of Dubai. These vehicles are fuel-efficient, easy to maneuver, and provide adequate boot space for everyday luggage needs. Toyota Yaris and Hyundai Accent models have roughly 300-400 litres of cargo capacity for small suitcases or shopping bags. These vehicles are widely available from reliable car rental firms in the UAE, making them a popular choice for Dubai city tours.

Mid-Size Sedans

Mid-size sedans offer a balance between fuel economy and ample boot space. Models like the Honda Civic and Nissan Sentra provide around 400-500 liters of boot space, making them suitable for small families or groups of friends embarking on a city tour. These vehicles also come with modern amenities and comfortable seating, ideal for longer journeys or day trips outside the city.


If you require more space for luggage or have a larger group, SUVs are the way to go. These versatile vehicles provide ample seating and generous boot space, ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone. Popular models like the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Explorer offer boot space ranging from 600-800 liters, making them suitable for city tours with larger groups or when traveling with bulky items. Many car rental agencies in Dubai offer SUVs with additional features like four-wheel drive, ideal for exploring off-road destinations in the UAE.

Luxury Cars

For those seeking a touch of luxury and elegance during their city tour in Dubai, luxury cars provide both style and comfort. The BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class are well known for their roominess, especially in the boot, which normally has a capacity of 500 to 600 litres. They are ideal for business and pleasure travellers who need space for their bags or equipment because of their substantial storage capacity.

In addition to their generous cargo capacity, these vehicles offer advanced features and premium interiors, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. Equipped with the latest technology, these cars incorporate various innovative functionalities to enhance the overall driving experience for their occupants.


When planning a city tour in Dubai, choosing the right car with suitable boot space is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Whether you opt for a compact car, mid-size sedan, SUV, or luxury vehicle, considering the boot space will ensure that all your luggage fits comfortably. From shopping bags to suitcases, there’s a car for every need and preference. Remember to book your car in advance from trusted car rental agencies in the UAE, such as, to ensure availability and a seamless experience. So, go ahead, explore the wonders of Dubai, and make unforgettable memories on your city tour.