What companies offer 7-seater car hire in Dubai?

Top 7-Seater Car Rental Companies in Dubai

Dubai, a megacity of glamour and majesty, is a destination that calls for disquisition. Whether you are an inhabitant planning a family outing or a sightseer with a group of companions, a 7- seater auto companies is your pass to accommodation and solace.   

With respects to 7- seater car hire in Dubai, GCC Drive arises as the go-to brand for an exceptional hassle. In this blog, we’ll dig into the universe of 7-seater car settlements in Dubai, with GCC Drive leading the way.   

The demand for 7-Seater Car Settlements in Dubai  

Dubai is a megacity that offers a huge number of hassles, from towering towers and lavish malls to stunning desert adventures. Exploring all that this megacity has to offer frequently requires a commodious vehicle that can accommodate larger groups or families comfortably. Then are some scenarios where a 7-seater car reimbursement becomes essential   

1.Family Adventures:  

Dubai is a family-accommodating destination with colorful lodestones suitable for all ages. While traveling with family, having a 7-seater car guarantees that everybody can travel together comfortably.

2.Group Excursions:  

A 7-seater car makes it easy to remain together and explore the megacity’s colorful lodestones, if you are visiting Dubai with a group of companions or associates.   

3.Desert Safaris:

Dubai’s desert safaris are a must- hassle exertion. A 7-seater vehicle is ideal for these adventures, ensuring that everybody can take in the scenery across the rises.   

4.Airport Transfers:  

While arriving or departing from Dubai’s international airports with a larger group, a 7-seater car can work on airport transfers and luggage transportation.   

Top Dubai Providers of 7-Seater Car Reimbursement  

The Automobile reimbursement business in Dubai provides a variety of results to accommodate different tastes and price ranges. Then are some of the stylish companies in Dubai for renting a seven-seater vehicle, including the outstanding GCC Drive:

1.GCC Drive:

 GCC Drive is a well-known Automobile rental company in Dubai with an excellent force of 7-seater vehicles that can accommodate colorful conditions and tastes. GCC Drive provides the ideal 7-seater vehicle for you, from cozy family buses to opulent lifts for your company.

Their stoner-friendly online booking platform streamlines the reservation process and prioritizes straightforward pricing, guaranteeing there are no extra freights or unpleasant surprises.

2.Budget Rent-A-Car:

A worldwide Automobile rental firm with a significant presence in Dubai is Budget Rent an Automobile. multitudinous pick-up and drop-off places are available across the megacity, and they give a variety of 7-seater choices. Budget is famed for its clear price structure and streamlined reservation process.   


Another international vehicle reimbursement business with a substantial presence in Dubai is Hertz. They’ve a wide range of cars available, including 7-seaters. Hertz is famed for its capability and superior customer care.   


In Dubai, renting a car from Europcar is a well-liked option. They give a simple booking system and a selection of 7-seater motorcars. The character of Europcar for clear pricing and well-kept motorcars.   

5.Thrifty Car Rental:

Competitive pricing and a large line of motorcars, including 7-seater alternatives, are handed by Thrifty Car Reimbursement. They give add-ons like GPS navigation systems and admit accolades for their helpful and polite client service.   

6.Sixt Car Reimbursement:

The international automobile reimbursement car Sixt has established itself in Dubai. They’ve a variety of cars available, including 7-seaters. Sixt is famed for its clean line and simple booking procedure.   

7.Hala Rent a Car:

Hala Rent a Car is a different indigenous player that stands out since it has entered favorable conditions. They give accessories like children’s auto seats and GPS navigation systems and a variety of 7-seater motorcars. Hala is famed for its accommodating workers and open pricing.   

8.Alamo Rent a Car:

7-seater automobile settlements are available in Dubai through Alamo Rent a automobile, a company with a global network. They’re famed for their aggressive pricing and client-focused nature.   

9.Fast Rent A Car:

This near company offers a variety of 7-seater motorcars. They provide flexible leasing terms and have received good feedback for their service.

10.Diamondlease Car Rental: 

Based in Dubai, Diamondlease rents out 7-seater vehicles. They offer dependable service and a simple booking process.


You have a wide range of alternatives to pick from when renting a 7-seater vehicle in Dubai, each with its own special features. Whether you pick the exemplary GCC Drive or one of the other recognized suppliers, you can count on a large range of impeccably kept 7-seater cars and first-rate customer service to make your exploration of Dubai simple and pleasant.