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Mesarati Ghibly

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Mesarati is an Italian auto manufacturing company that introduced its updated sedan car in 2018 in India. It is named Mesarati Ghibly and provided with four doors on a stylish body. The interior is insulted with dual glass pane windows to maintain the privacy of riders. The best quality materials are used for the upholstery of this car. Extra spaces are provided in the back seats to accommodate the luggage of passengers. 

The Integrated Vehicle Control (IVC) System and electric power steering (EPS) are included in this car for the convenience and safety of drivers. The Active Driver Assist system alerts drivers of this car against heavy traffic and other approaching vehicles on the road. A car owner can choose among the twin V6 and V8 turbocharged engines or mild hybrid propulsion that is newly introduced. There are four driving modes, which makes driving easier on all kinds of routes, with a fuel tank of 70-liter capacity.


GCC Drive is known for its best services with high-quality cars. We value the comfort of our passengers. As such each of our cars can give you luxury and comfort within your budget. Ranging from Sedans or SUVs to luxury or economy cars, we can fulfil your needs for any purpose. Hence, you can hire our cars for a business trip or wedding occasion, or for a family tour. 

GCC Drive is committed to your safety. As such we not only offer an extensive range of cars but manage the quality of them also. You can avail of our services in and around the country. It is our belief that by providing good services a loyal pool of customers can be built up. So, GCC Drive ensures that our services can help customers to accomplish their goals. It will also help us to manage the sustainability of our business. 

GCC Drive is determined to provide its customers with an unforgettable experience. We ensure digital services in each of our cars. It will enhance customer satisfaction along with the benefits of e-mobility services. GCC Drive car with driver in Dubai is ready to serve you now and always with a wide range of cars.

Chauffeur in dubai


GCC Drive is known for its best Luxury chauffeur service dubai. A quality trip of any kind cannot be possible without highly trained and experienced chauffeurs. It is our duty to ensure that customers get good services within their price range. So, we take care of your budget without compromising the quality of services. Our friendly and professional chauffeurs are always available to assist you during your trip. Naturally, you can enjoy a hassle-free trip after a hectic day. 

Our chauffeurs are not only certified, but they also have in-depth knowledge about the routes. So, in case of an emergency, you can check with them about the alternative routes. We are committed to making sure you reach your destination on time. Obviously, the chauffeurs at GCC Drive are groomed to handle any critical situation with a cool mind. It is our brand that skills must blend with a human touch. 

As such, after managing an online booking, you can ride our services with peace of mind. The reliability and punctuality of our chauffeurs make GCC Drive the best chauffeur service in Dubai. Hence, get rid of your tension and enjoy our service. We are with you now and always!

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