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About gcc drive

luxury car chauffeur service in dubai

GCC Drive is the best luxury chauffeur service Dubai. What makes us top the list is our complaint free service. We provide a wide variety of vehicles to our customers. Our extensive range of vehicles is based upon the customer’s preference of cars. Our cars will cover all your occasions. Also, don’t worry about the budget, we will take good care of that as well. We offer great discounts to our valuable customers. SUV or Sedan, economy car or luxury car, just name it and we will get it for you. All this can be chosen and can be done at the ease of sitting at your home. You can manage your booking online. 

  • Our chauffeurs are highly trained and experienced. All chauffeurs are well acquainted with the roads and have good knowledge of jam hours during high traffic. 
  • Both tourists and the permanent residents can have access to our service. All you have to do is select a car for you. 
  • The safety of our customers is our central concern. All the vehicles are sedulously examined and kept up to assure the safety of its passengers.
  • The cars are properly inspected prior to taking booking from our customers. The cars are sanitized keeping in mind the health of our customers. 
  • Our cars have booster seats for the children, Global Positioning System (GPS) so that the customers can also keep a track of the routes through which chauffeurs will be taking them. 

Customers can make the most out of our services by booking a car for themselves as soon as they set foot out of the airport without having to go through the hassle of searching for a car and negotiating for the fare as prices are fixed and available at a much cheaper rate than the ongoing market price. For the residents of Dubai our chauffeurs will bring the car to you at your doorstep or even outside your office and for the tourists staying at hotels wishing to do the country visit or those who are already on the visit can also enjoy our services. In case of an emergency, if there’s an issue with the car be it dead battery or a flat tyre our skilled chauffeurs will know what to do without you having to undergo the stress.

 We provide you with the lowest prices for chauffeurs service cars in comparison to other agencies in Dubai. We have various ongoing discounts and offers which you can avail once you register with us. All our packages are pocket friendly. Your feedback is valuable to us and suitable steps will be taken from our end to make sure you have a safe and memorable trip.

luxury car chauffeur service in dubai

Who We are

luxury car chauffeur service in dubai

Best Chauffeur Driven Cars

We are a chauffeur car hire agency based in Dubai. We provide cars with chauffeurs ranging from Sedan or SUV to luxury car or economy car with driver in Dubai. We provide our services to tourists and also to the residents of Dubai. The cars can be used to cover any occasion be it a wedding or some business trip or a city trip. For the residents of Dubai, if your car has stopped working on time of need due to any reason, we will be there to help you by providing you a car from our extensive range of cars along with a chauffeur so you are on time.
If you are traveling to Dubai for the first time we will ensure you have safe travels in or around the country. We provide you with the lowest prices for the chauffeur service in comparison to other chauffeur car hire agencies. All our chauffeurs are professional drivers. Also, our chauffeurs are very friendly and supportive and will help you deal with any sort of problem during your trip. We aim at providing our customers full satisfaction and make sure they have an unforgettable experience. We believe in making good relationships with our customers which are long-lasting and help them accomplish their goals.